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IT support for property services

We provide IT support for property services and work alongside various estate letting agents and property management companies. Our role when supporting the property industry is to deliver seamless IT services, despite the state of the market.

It’s vital to us that our property customers have technology that can support them through the good (and the bad), whilst providing insightful data and helping them to seamlessly manage their clients.


How we can support your business

Expert Consultancy

We can deliver an IT roadmap that will tease-out any challenges you are facing. Whether your concerns are around minimising technical interruption, safeguarding sensitive data or ensuring remote access to files, we can design bespoke and sophisticated IT roadmap that enables you to deliver projects quickly and efficiently.

Protection of Data

There is nothing more important than the protection and security of your business data. Our data security processes are audited every year, meaning you can trust us to provide the correct advice when it comes to handling sensitive data. As cyber security experts, we will also ensure the right measures are in place to protect your data from cyber-crime.

Policies & Regulations

We tailor all our technology solutions to meet the appropriate guidelines set out by policies, so you can rest assured that your business remains compliant. We can also take your business through the process of acquiring various other accreditations you may need guidance with, such as the Cyber Essentials Certification.

Business Growth Reviews

With our expert knowledge and advice across many of the world’s leading technologies, we can help you drive successful and lasting technology changes that will support the growth of your business. Your trusted Account Manager will provide a professional IT audit every 90-days, so we can analyse how your business has developed and how new technology can support you.

Experts in supporting businesses like yours

Virtuoso can take your business through the appropriate steps to build an IT roadmap, which not only harnesses the most advanced and sophisticated technology but is also tailored perfectly to your business needs.

Whether it’s ensuring your business is compliant with new policies, protecting confidential client data, or modernising internal processes – we can help.


Problems we can solve for you

Battling disruptions

Time is money, meaning spending a day tackling IT obstacles isn’t an option. Our experts will design you an IT roadmap, with autonomous scalability and access to vital analytics, which you can use to turn data into actionable insights, meaning less time spent tirelessly reviewing what needs changing and more time building your business.

Managing customer data

We know how much customer data your business handles day-to-day. Wouldn’t it be great to have a seamless cloud system in place to manage this information, whilst also keeping it secure? By integrating Microsoft cloud-based technology platforms, your business will obtain clearer oversight on customer information and who has access to it.

Info on-the-go

As you’re always on-the-go, it’s vital that you have access to files even when out of the office. When choosing Virtuoso as your technology partner, we will help you harness the Microsoft Cloud. Files will be accessible from almost any device and synchronised offline and available without an internet connection.

"They 100% helped us to simplify, streamline and upgrade our IT infrastructure in a cost effective and, more importantly, in a very human way!"