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Why settling for “OK” IT support is holding you back

By Evette Chauvineau


February 21, 2024
In the world of business today, we often speak to organisations who choose to settle for an “OK” tech partner. While consistency is valuable, what if there is an opportunity for more?

The Pitfalls of "OK"

Selecting an IT managed service provider should be more than a mere transaction; it should be a transformative business partnership. At Virtuoso, we believe that settling for “OK” is a compromise on your company’s potential for growth, innovation, and security. 

We often come across the following issues:

Unhappy and unproductive users: Poorly implemented technology and delayed responses can frustrate employees and customers, harming your reputation and straining customer relationships.

Increased costs: While reactive support may seem cost-effective initially, it can escalate in the long run. Unplanned outages and emergencies lead to urgent fixes and potential data recovery expenses.

Security vulnerabilities and risks: Systems and data are often vulnerable to security threats. Proactive benchmarking, monitoring, and timely updates are crucial for identifying and addressing risks before exploitation.

Limited strategic guidance: Essential for growth and innovation, strategic guidance on technology investments, upgrades, and long-term planning is often lacking.

Missed Opportunities for Improvement: The absence of a technology road map, means system enhancements are not budgeted for and preventative measures are neglected hindering your ability to optimize and improve IT infrastructure.

Difficulty in Planning and Scaling: A tech provider offering only reactive support makes planning for future IT requirements challenging. Strategic IT planning aligns technology with business goals, ensuring scalability.
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Could things be better? 

Of course, it can! We actively manage and optimise technology systems centrally across our customer base, aiming to enhance security, standardisation, and compliance. Quarterly assessments, benchmarked against current best practice standards, drive continuous improvement right across your tech stack.  

Our approach simplifies decision-making by defining a technology roadmap that gives you the insight to measure the impact of your technology spending. 

Now that’s a partnership! 

At Virtuoso, we firmly believe that “OK” is not good enough!  

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