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The Hidden Value of Outsourcing

By virtuoso


May 8, 2022

We often hear the concept that you need a set number of people to support a task and employing that number of people is cheaper than buying a service. However, this mindset overlooks the significant value added from the outsourcer itself. Our blog this week demonstrates that to get a true comparison you also have to consider the value they bring from their processes, tools and practices. 

Industrial strength toolset

One thing that a good outsourcer should bring is a top-quality, industrial strength toolset. To effectively run a support organisation, you will need tools for IT Service Management, Dashboards and Business Intelligence, Asset Management, Remote Monitoring, Information Security, Business Continuity, Remote access and knowledge management. When you consider the number of tools required to ensure that you can firstly avoid potential issues and secondly resolve any incidents quickly, then it is clear the costs can stretch into the tens of thousands of pounds. What should also be considered is the hidden cost of configuring these tools for use and the ongoing tuning and maintenance of them. For more on the fundamental advantages of outsourcing, check out our first blog article on outsourcing benefits, the Advantages of Outsourcing-Pt.1.

Reduced set up costs 

An outsourcer will already have made this investment so the initial acquisition and set up costs are significantly reduced for the customer. Equally there will be a robust management discipline around the tools to keep them running at optimal levels. The tool set will be constantly improved as a result of their collective knowledge to ensure that your environment is kept to an optimum. For more on this aspect of outsourcing check out the second blog installment on the Advantages of Outsourcing-Pt. 2

Headcount considerations 

If you consider the headcount on a like for like basis you should also consider the additional costs and functions that an outsourcer brings. As a managed client you will have access to Team Leaders, Service Delivery Manager, Account Managers and their eco-system of partners around them. You get the collective benefit of far more people than you would hire if you were attempting to work on a headcount only basis. All these resources bring their own expert skillset to help you enjoy the highest levels of availability, responsiveness and adaptability from your technology estate. Each team member has experts around them to ask, bounce ideas off, learn and get assistance from. As buying tools has a hidden cost so outsourcing has a hidden benefit. All of these extra ‘brains’ are available on demand when you need them even if they are not directly acting upon your requirement.

The tip of the iceberg 

Like the tip of the iceberg the benefits you receive from outsourcing are far more apparent than just the bit you can see on the surface. If you would like to understand this in terms specific to your business then please get in touch for a no-cost, no-obligation appraisal. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you so you can quantify exactly what outsourcing brings to your business. 

Next steps

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