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The cost-saving benefits of Microsoft 365

By Ria Manzanero


August 3, 2023

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organisations are continually seeking ways to enhance productivity and efficiency while reducing operational costs. However, there are some things that are fundamental to the success of a business, like technology. A modern business couldn’t possibly operate without email, video calls or file sharing. However, as our reliance on technology grows, so do our outgoings.

So, how do we continue to benefit from technology, whilst keeping our IT costs down? Microsoft 365 is designed to give customers more whilst charging less than other singular-use tools. It can consolidate your IT stack, whilst simultaneously improving productivity, strengthening security and providing a modern and innovative experience for your employees. With over a million customers worldwide, Microsoft has provided a ecosystem that not only supports growth and success, but that is cost-effective.

Microsoft 365 offers a myriad of cost-saving benefits that make it an attractive choice for companies looking to optimise their expenses without compromising on functionality. In this article, we will share the cost-saving benefits of Microsoft 365 and explain how your business can reduce IT costs using this core solution.

An all-in-one subscription

Managing multiple software licenses and subscriptions can be a cumbersome and costly affair for businesses. With Microsoft 365 offerings, like Business Premium, organisations can consolidate productivity tools and collaboration services under a single subscription model.

This streamlined approach not only simplifies billing and reduces administrative overheads but also leads to cost-savings as businesses pay for only the features they need, with the flexibility to scale up or down as required. By eliminating the need for separate software licenses and third-party subscriptions, Microsoft 365 Business Premium becomes an economically sound choice for organisations looking to optimise their expenses. In fact, Microsoft 365 consolidation is reported to cut costs by more than 60% per user, when compared to patchwork solutions.

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Robust data security and compliance

Data breaches and cyber-attacks have become a harsh reality in the modern business world. Safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining compliance with industry regulations are critical priorities for any organisation. Microsoft 365 offers advanced security features, including threat protection, data loss prevention, and identity management. Microsoft security models are seen to reduce data breach risks by as much as 50%.

With built-in security controls, businesses can safeguard their data, documents, and communication from unauthorised access or malicious activities. Moreover, Microsoft’s compliance tools help organisations adhere to data protection regulations, reducing the risk of fines and legal expenses.

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Simplification of IT management

Microsoft 365 offers a centralised and simplified approach to IT management. The platform’s administration tools allow businesses to manage users, licenses, and settings from a single console, reducing the complexity of IT operations.

Microsoft 365 eliminates the need for manual updates, as Microsoft automatically deploys the latest features, security patches, and bug fixes. This not only saves IT teams valuable time but also ensures that businesses are equipped with the most secure and efficient software at all times, reducing the risk of costly cyber threats and time-consuming compatibility issues. These automated system updates help reduce IT management costs by up to 40% and reduce time spent on device management by as much as 25%.

Flexibility and efficiency

Microsoft 365 simplifies the way businesses operate by providing a cohesive ecosystem of productivity tools and collaborative services. The seamless integration of applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive enables employees to work efficiently across platforms and devices. The intuitive user interface and cross-device synchronisation eliminate compatibility issues and enable cost-savings in training, resulting in improved productivity for employees and IT teams alike.

As a cloud-based platform, Microsoft 365 enables businesses to access their applications and data from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. This level of flexibility is particularly beneficial for remote and distributed teams. Employees can collaborate seamlessly even when working from different locations, reducing the need for physical office space and infrastructure. Consequently, businesses can make big cost-savings on office rental costs, while ensuring optimal employee satisfaction.

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From eliminating infrastructure costs and providing a scalable subscription model to reducing software licensing expenses and enhancing team collaboration, the advantages of Microsoft 365 go beyond productivity gains. The platform’s robust security features and automatic updates contribute to lowering the risk of costly security breaches. By making a strategic switch to Microsoft 365, businesses can optimise their operations, streamline costs, and invest in other critical areas for growth and success.