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The Advantages of Outsourcing (Part 2)

By virtuoso


May 8, 2022

Five more reasons to outsource

In this week’s blog we’re bringing you the second part in our series on ‘The Advantages of Outsourcing’. Today we’re looking at five more important benefits that outsourcing can bring your business. Let’s get straight to it!

Flexible staffing – no risks, no compromise 

Every business has diverse technology. When you maintain internal teams, it is always a compromise of expertise against cost. For example, you might only need certain skills a small percentage of the time. With an internal team you don’t pay for someone to sit there on the off-chance some work will come along for them. So, you get someone to learn a little bit and hope they get through. When they are needed they can be rusty and it takes longer to get things done. With outsourcing you get the right level of expert resource exactly when you need it. This saves time, improves user productivity and reduces business risk. Plus, you no longer have the overhead of personal management, training and accreditation, holiday and absence cover. You get the services your business wants without the hassle of managing people.  

Enterprise class tools 

Most IT teams would LOVE to have lots of tools to make life easier. But often they can’t have them. With an outsourcer the cost of the tools is spread over multiple clients making them far more affordable. Equally, the tools are maintained and tuned constantly to drive the best outcomes for all parties. This level of automation improves systems availability, reduces business risk, reduces cost and improves time to market. 

It provides continuity and risk management

Unlike internal IT, outsourcing does not rely on specific key individuals. Outsourcers have pools of people they can call upon to use. So, if one person is on holiday or off sick you still get the service you need and your projects can continue at a pace. It also means that knowledge of your business is contained in one safe place. Key vital knowledge that will not walk out of the door because it can earn more money up the road working for a competitor. Plus, there are no gaps in service whilst you recruit and train replacements. This solution significantly reduces the risk of individuals which reduces the security threat and service continuity of your business.

Fresh focus on business transformation

Outsourcers are always working with other customers and should have solutions professionals available to help you drive transformation. Although this is not always the case, a good outsourcer should be chomping at the bit to help you adapt and adopt new technologies. These insights help you define and refine your technology strategy to help drive business evolution to benefit business sustainability. 

Different parties working together to deliver 

A common misconception is that all outsourcers compete. This is not the case. We often work with 3rd party service providers with their own skill sets to deliver collaborative outcomes for the customer. So you don’t need to be the go-between and you can focus on delivering strategic change for your business. 

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