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5 tips for Microsoft Teams you need to know

Here at Virtuoso we’ve been singing the praises of Microsoft Teams for some time now. We’re users of Teams ourselves and firmly believe that it has the potential to transform the way teams within any organisation work. It’s beauty lies in bringing together different elements of team-working (such as workspace, chat and note-taking) and integrating them seamlessly within the Office 365 platform. So if you’re already using Teams and want some handy tips, or need a few more reasons to get Teams for your business now, then read on! 

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129,000 businesses adopt Teams in just six months – here’s why

We’ve been singing Microsoft Team’s praises since the app was released. In our opinion, its user-friendly interface and innovative features make it the must-have tool for businesses of all sizes. It’s no surpri...


The Hidden Value of Outsourcing

We often hear the concept that you need a set number of people to support a task and employing that number of people is cheaper than buying a service. However, this mindset overlooks the significant value added...


Law firms and stethoscopes

You may have seen that we recently posted a short piece about our approach to Managed IT for the legal sector – one of the key points discussed was our focus on Microsoft and Citrix technologies. In this ...


The Cloud… time to market

Our blog this week takes a look at a common misconception among some SMEs – that their business are so unique that they need specialist software and/or specialist support for it to be effective. However, ...


Supply Chain Risk – What You Need To Know – Part 2

A few weeks ago we wrote in one of our blogs, cyber-security-lessons-for-law-firms  “….for law firms the safety and security of their own and clients’ data is not only a legal and compliance requirement, i...

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What is Microsoft Bookings all about?

Like many small businesses, your business probably relies on scheduling appointments with clients in order to keep track of things. You’re also probably aware that this can take up a lot of time and is open to ...

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Supply Chain Risk – what you need to know

Wake up call It may surprise you that up to 80% of IT security breaches may originate in the supply chain. Some of the most high-profile hacks were at Target, Home Depot, Sony, Sears and JP Morgan Chase. The...

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Dial-Tone Options in Microsoft Teams

Game-changer  A few weeks ago we discussed the game-changing Microsoft Teams and it’s many benefits for the modern workplace. This week we’re looking at the recent announcement from Microsoft that Direct...


Cyber security lessons for Law Firms

Why it’s so important For law firms the safety and security of their own and clients’ data is not only a legal and compliance requirement, it is also essential to their growth – and even survival...

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