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TechHub Customer Portal

TechHub is a comprehensive customer management portal through which our managed services customers can manage their technology environments.

With access to TechHub, you will have compliance reporting across 78 different policies, usage reporting including data and licences, domain monitoring, warranty monitoring of your endpoints, device health dashboards and even security monitoring to help you detect data breaches and MFA statuses.

Security & compliance

TechHub provides insight across both infrastructure and cloud.  The platform helps users make full use of Microsoft 365's security features and encourages them to fully deploy strong security measures.

Technology roadmap

Our unique approach to running quarterly strategic reviews with customers combined with our TechHub account planner functionality ensures that customers have full visibility and transparency for their technology roadmap. 

Customer intranet

Company employees are often overwhelmed by the wide variety of cloud-based applications available for their use. TechHub streamlines application access and brings together the tools needed to make full use of a cloud environment.

Learning centre

TechHub’s learning centre gives employees simple and easy access to training aids, courses and Microsoft 365 information. Use the provided Microsoft and security materials or easily write your own specific to your business.


TechHub features you will benefit from

Ticket & Problem Management

Improving support is a combination of proactively addressing user questions and recognising opportunities from client growth. TechHub’s ITIL-based service module does both by providing more transparency and automation for support and service offerings.

Microsoft 365 Integrated

Users authenticate securely using their Azure Active Directory / Microsoft 365 credentials giving them seamless access to Virtuoso TechHub features. User details are automatically synchronised between the Microsoft cloud and TechHub.

Service Catalogue

TechHub provides a fully-featured and customisable end-user service catalogue, enabling customers to use the platform to streamline and automate both IT and non-IT requests. It also enables users to approve technical changes and work requests, streamlining the process of managing your technology.

Infrastructure Reporting

With cloud applications and data, customers play a greater role in deciding the balance of policies, services and equipment they want to achieve their goals. In this cooperative environment, its important that you have real-time insight into the systems you have whether  they are remote, virtual or in the cloud.

“With the help from Virtuoso's TechHub, we now have visibility of the status of all our devices, we can see a plethora of information relating to our systems and policies, whether it be a failed update, a data breach, or an encryption issue. Additionally, the team find it easy to raise and log any IT issues with the support team.”

Owen Blackwood, Operations Manager