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Cyber Security Services

The need to implement the most up-to-date and advanced security software is a burden that many businesses carry. Protecting your business from cyber security risks can be logistically complex, financially draining and time consuming. In an increasingly complex IT landscape, where applications and data shift between on-premise, cloud and edge devices, you can't afford to let security slide.

We use carefully selected toolsets, that leverage the latest cloud, AI and machine learning capabilities, to intelligently detect, identify and respond to any potential cyber threats your business is facing. 


Our cyber services include

Endpoint Security Detection & Response

Next-generation antivirus software, that hunts, detects and responds to security vulnerabilities. Multiple patented AI algorithms protect your business in real-time against an array of malicious threats. It's faster than a standard antivirus software (which can require download and scanning time), as devices self-defend and heal themselves, always keeping endpoints safe.

Dark Web Monitoring

We monitor the dark web to identify, analyse and proactively alert on any company data breach or stolen employee/customer information. If our security team identify that any employee information for our clients has been jeopardised, risking cyber attacks, we will provide them with immediate support to address and resolve the issue.

Cloud Email Security

Allow us to protect your organisation from the latest, most sophisticated email-based cyber attacks, including phishing, business email compromise, account takeovers, identity spoofing, and credential theft. We will analyse over 50 attributes of your employee's communications and security architecture, to ensure anything out of the ordinary, such as a phishing attack, is flagged quickly. This is carried out across all of the digital devices your company has. Automatic alerts detect and warn employees when there are potential threats, enabling quick responses in quarantining them.

Content & Internet Filtering

Allow us to identify malicious domains and undesirable content in real-time, eliminating major threat vectors. Filter to block various types of content, from adult and illegal, to streaming services, instant chat and social networking. Algorithms analyse unknown domains, so threat checks are always up to date. URL filtering matches all web traffic against a defined database, and then permits or denies access to a site based on whether it is found in the database.

Training & Education

We have made education an integral part of our cyber solution. We provide end-users with the skills to navigate increasingly sophisticated attempts to solicit credentials, receive payments or share sensitive information such as passwords. By incorporating cybersecurity awareness training we actively improve your organisation's compliance and ensure you always stay in line with the latest cyber security policies.

Microsoft 365 Backup

With your most critical company information stored in the Microsoft cloud, it's vital to keep a third-party secure backup of this data to provide long-term protection and protect your key information assets from threats of data loss and ransomware.

Giving you more than the standard security offering...

Cloud Print

Our cloud-based print management and security solution utilises your existing hardware, providing an enterprise-grade “follow-me” print solution to reduce the risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

Email Signature

By standardising and enforcing consistent email signatures for all staff, our customers can ensure email contains key disclaimer text and dynamically-updated staff details.

Our cyber security services are included as standard for all OnTrack customers.

Virtuoso's OnTrack service incorporates a curated suite of cyber security technology, backed by our internationally certified processes, to deliver a robust, turnkey, security solution that protects you in the event of an attempted cyber attack.


Benefits of our security offering

Comprehensive Suite

We've designed a bespoke but broad portfolio of sophisticated security tools, which address the most prominent cyber threats to your business's data and implements best practice protection. New Zealand businesses needn't worry about a cyber attack with Virtuoso on-hand to help.

Outsource to Experts

Monitoring and responding to security risks across a business is a full-time job. Leave the management of all your cyber security to our experts and rest assured that your business is being protected. Our industry-leading cyber security services will protect your business around-the-clock.

Fast Deployment

Minimise time spent deploying individual security products into your business. By outsourcing your IT cyber security to our team of skilled engineers, you can leave the complex implementation of such tools to us and spend more time to manage and develop your business.

Rapid Response

By using the latest cloud-powered intelligent tools, we can significantly reduce the response time to potential threats and therefore, drastically cut the human-costs of manually analysing and responding to such cyber security threats.



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