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IT support for recruitment services

We provide valuable IT support for recruitment services. We understand that your time is critical within the recruitment industry. Your business is fast-paced and heavily relies on secure and reliable IT systems. Ensuring that your IT is operating with zero disruption or risk is vital to the continuation of your employees day-to-day work.

We are not just an IT support company, we are a technology partner, that will work to build your business an IT setup that’s intelligent, scalable and reliable.


How we can support your business

High-End IT Consultancy

Whether it’s transferring all your business activities to one seamless platform, or integrating a new tool to support your staff, our experts will handle it all. We can design you a bespoke and sophisticated IT roadmap, at a competitive price, that will ensure you continue to deliver projects quickly and efficiently. As your business grows, we will support you with an IT audit every 90-days, helping you drive successful and lasting technology changes that will support the growth of your business.

Insightful Technology

We know how important data is to your business, so wouldn’t it be great to have access to technology that provides valuable insights that you can use to grow your business? We will integrate Microsoft cloud-based technology platforms that will give your business better oversight on staff productivity and engagement. We can also make suggestions around alternative CRM systems that may assist in streamlining workflows and introduce more efficient and productive internal operations.

Access to Information

With so many of your employees on-the-go, ensuring secure access to files is crucial for daily operations to run smoothly. We can help your business reap the benefits of migrating to the cloud, by enabling your staff access to files and systems from anywhere, on any device, at any time – without jeopardising security. By migrating to a cloud-based IT environment, you will open up possibilities for your applications to expand freely and develop at the same speed your business does.

Advanced Security

By leveraging Microsoft Azure, we help our customers eliminate cyber security risks around data leakage. As well as this, our cyber security experts will be on-hand at all times to ensure your business is safe from phishing emails, malware and ransomware. We’ll even provide free regular scans of the dark web, to ensure no business credentials have been compromised and that your business will never face the troubles of missing information.

Experts in supporting businesses like yours

Virtuoso can take your business through the appropriate steps to build an IT roadmap, which not only harnesses the most advanced and sophisticated technology but is also tailored perfectly to your business needs.

Whether it’s ensuring your business is compliant with new policies, protecting confidential client data, or modernising internal processes – we can help.


Problems we can solve for you

24 hour support

Your employees don’t have the time to tackle IT problems while out-of-office visiting clients. That’s why our 24/7 service desk operates 365 days a year, enabling you to receive best-in-class support from technical experts, anytime. Our teams of experienced and certified engineers will ensure your IT systems remain ready for business. We will handle your concerns, whether it’s cyber security, data protection or accessing files from foreign environments, we can provide fast and reliable support.

Protecting client data

You are responsible for safeguarding sensitive and confidential data belonging to your clients, which is tricky when regularly working from unfamiliar locations. Our cyber security experts will work day and night to ensure your business is safe from cyber-attacks, including device viruses, malware, ransomware and data breaches. By using the latest cloud-powered intelligent tools, we can significantly reduce the risk of a cyber-attack on your business and help protect your reputation from being jeopardised by such threats.

GDPR compliance

The GDPR regulation is a vital consideration in every-day business, but more so within the recruitment industry, as you are handling sensitive data regularly. We understand the strain this can have on your business and are here to work with you, ensuring that your IT setup meets the standards set by GDPR and can support unexpected regulation changes in the future. We will help your business to develop appropriate procedures around handling data and incorporate technology that does the hard-work for you.

Virtuoso helped us evaluate the move from ad hoc IT support to fully-managed IT. Their unlimited IT support became essential to staff autonomy in our growing teams.