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IT support for consultants

Offering IT support for consultants is something we take pride in. Being a consultant requires expert knowledge, rapid responses and dependable problem solving, which is why we aim to provide all the above when supporting you with your IT.

As a consultant, you will receive the highest standard of customer care, to ensure you get the most from your investment with us and that your business remains in operation without technical burdens


How we can support your business

Tailored IT Consultancy

Our technical specialists handle high-profile and complex projects daily, giving you the confidence that they can deliver an IT strategy that meets your business requirements. Whether your concerns are around minimising technical interruption, safeguarding sensitive data or ensuring remote access to files, we can design bespoke and sophisticated IT roadmap that enables you to deliver projects quickly and efficiently.

High-End Account Manager

You will be allocated a dedicated Account Manager who will help solve technical challenges of every nature. They will ensure that your IT support remains in-line with your business needs, while working with you to prevent issues before they arise. Expect your Account Manager to fit seamlessly within your day-to-day working life, with immediate responses and regular check-ins, you will never have to chase for an answer.

24/7 Access to Technical Help

We understand you don’t have time to deal with technical problems. Our 24/7 service desk operates 365 days a year, enabling you to receive best-in-class support from technical experts, anytime. Our teams of experienced and certified engineers will ensure your IT systems remain ready for business. Allow us to handle your concerns, whether it’s cyber security, data protection or accessing files from foreign environments, we can provide fast and reliable support.

Business Growth Focused Reviews

Your business is growing at a rapid pace, meaning it’s crucial to have an IT setup that supports this. With your trusted Account Manager offering a professional IT audit every 90-days, we can analyse how your business has developed and how new technology can support you. With our expert knowledge and advice across many of the world’s leading technologies, we can help you drive successful and lasting technology changes that will support the growth of your business.

Experts in supporting businesses like yours

Virtuoso can take your business through the appropriate steps to build an IT roadmap, which not only harnesses the most advanced and sophisticated technology but is also tailored perfectly to your business needs.

Whether it’s ensuring your business is compliant with new policies, protecting confidential client data, or modernising internal processes – we can help.


Problems we can solve for you

Remote access to files

When choosing Virtuoso as your technology partner, we will help you harness the Microsoft Cloud. Files will be accessible from almost any device and synchronised offline and available without an internet connection. By migrating to a cloud-based IT environment, you will open up possibilities for your applications to expand freely and develop at the same speed your business does.

Time spent solving problems

Our experts will design you an IT roadmap, with autonomous scalability and access to vital analytics, which you can use to turn data into actionable insights, meaning less time spent tirelessly reviewing what needs changing and more time building your business. With our support, you can hand your technical problems to us and trust our specialists to answer your concerns.

Protecting customer data

Our cyber security experts will work day and night to ensure your business is safe from cyber-attacks, including device viruses, malware, ransomware and data breaches. By using the latest cloud-powered intelligent tools, we can significantly reduce the risk of a cyber-attack on your business and help protect your reputation from being jeopardised by such threats.

"We immediately felt that Virtuoso were completely aligned with how we wanted to progress as a business, and we trusted their experience to help us."