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    Remote Working

    Make it easier for you and your staff to access files, applications and systems while working remotely. We specialise in helping companies make better use of Microsoft 365 cloud services.

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    Cyber Security

    Whether you’re in the office, or working remotely, there are always security challenges. Ensure your data is secure by allowing us to implement the most sophisticated cyber security products into your business.

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    Extension of Your Team

    As well as supporting organisations without any IT staff, we also work alongside many businesses with IT departments who need extra support. We’ll work alongside your internal admin like we’re part of the team!

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    24-Hour Tech Support

    We pride ourselves on supporting our customers with their technology, whatever the hour. Our consultants are available 24/7, 365 days a year to provide technology support to your business.

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    Migrating to the cloud will

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      Ease Access to Files

      Lost or inaccessible files are not a burden your business should be facing. When embracing Microsoft Cloud platforms, like SharePoint, files will be updated even when offline and will be available from any device, in any location, at any time. 

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      Minimise Office Space

      If your business operates in a small space, why not create extra room by enabling remote working? Modern IT solutions provide various options for your business to operate remotely and therefore, expand freely. 

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      Provide valuable sights

      The technology in your business should not only support operations, but growth too! By incorporating cloud technology into your company, you will have access to more insightful data that you can use to support business decisions. 


    Comprehensive IT services include

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      24/7 Service desk

      Virtuoso’s 24/7 support is there to maximise service efficiency, resolve problems and drive continuous service improvement. We aim to completely remove technical worries from our customers’ lives.

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      Cyber Security Toolsets

      Our cyber security services include state-of-the-art intelligent toolsets, allowing us to detect and respond to cyber security threats in real-time, keeping your business and your data safe.

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      Supplier Escalation

      We really get to know your company and even manage your 3rd party support relationships on your behalf. This ensures your staff have what they need, whenever they need it, without having to burden your internal teams.

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      Whether your IT infrastructure is already in the cloud or on-premise, we ensure it’s always optimised to support the applications that your business demands. We can introduce new cutting-edge technologies that will further benefit your business.

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      Network Management

      Cloud services are network dependent, which is why Virtuoso’s network management and monitoring services have become critical to IT. We will help you keep track of your network’s bandwidth, availability and performance.

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      Leading Account Management

      It’s vital that we provide all our customers with a dedicated Account Manager, whose sole purpose is to support you with any IT-related queries or concerns. Regular reviews and catch-ups mean that we are always providing solutions that fit your business requirements. 

    Virtuoso has brought our overseas offices closer together, by simplifying communication and collaboration using the cloud.
    Lisa Woollard, Danos Associates