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How we support financial firms

With nearly 10 years of experience working as a technology partner to financial firms, we recognise the complex challenges your industry can face and from our very first conversation, we will begin offering you the detailed solutions your business deserves.

Whether it’s ensuring your business is compliant with new policies, protecting confidential client data, or modernising internal processes – Virtuoso can take your business through the appropriate steps to build an IT roadmap, which not only harnesses the most advanced and sophisticated technology, but that is also tailored perfectly to your business needs.

You will be allocated a dedicated Account Manager, whose sole purpose is to work alongside you and deliver award-winning IT services to your business. Quarterly business reviews will ensure we are realigning our solutions to meet the most pressing and time-sensitive hurdles you are facing, whilst integrating new technologies that your business might benefit from.

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How we can help

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    Protecting Sensitive Data

    There is nothing more important than the protection and security of your business data. Our data security processes are audited every year, meaning you can trust us to provide the correct advice when it comes to handling sensitive data. Our advanced cyber security services leverage the latest cloud, AI and machine learning capabilities, to intelligently detect and respond to any potential cyber threats. Furthermore, we provide regular educational training to prepare your staff on how to respond to the wide array of complicated cyber-attacks we are vulnerable to today.

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    Policy Compliance

    Ensuring your business is compliant with regulations and policies is a top priority within the financial services sector, particularly with recent GDPR regulations forcing businesses to assess how they handle technology and data. We tailor all our technology solutions to meet the appropriate guidelines set out by policies, so you can rest assured that your business remains FSA compliant. We can also take your business through the process of acquiring various other accreditations you may need guidance with, such as the Cyber Essentials Certification.

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    Business Continuity 

    As Microsoft Cloud experts, we encourage our financial customers to harness a cloud-based way of working. By leveraging Microsoft Azure, we help our customers eliminate cyber security risks around data leakage. We employ backup technology to safeguard important files, with the added measure of disaster recovery solutions meaning your business will never face troubles regarding missing information. A cloud-based business style will also assist in streamlining workflows and introduce more efficient and productive internal operations.

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    Regular Consultations

    Your Account Manager will know your business inside-out. They will keep you updated on new policies and technologies that your business should be aware of. Your quarterly business reviews will address and resolve any problems you are facing, while also providing a  revised IT roadmap, at no extra cost, to support any new business goals. Your Account Manager will consistently assess risks to your business and provide you with best-in-class technical solutions to prevent these from impacting operations. 


What we will solve

  • GDPR Compliance

    The GDPR regulation is a vital consideration in every-day business, but more so within the financial services sector, as you are handling sensitive data regularly. We understand the strain this can have on your business and are here to work with you, ensuring that your IT setup meets the standards set by GDPR and can support unexpected regulation changes in the future.

  • Cyber Security Threats

    In an increasingly complex IT landscape, where applications and data shift between on-premise, cloud and edge devices, companies operating within the financial sector have never been more at threat of cyber-attacks. Our individually tailored cyber security services will protect your business from a wide range of threats, from phishing emails to ransomware.

  • Business Growth

    In a fast-paced world, business growth is always a focus. We would know, it’s one of our core values! If you are anything like us, your IT needs to support the ever-changing and ever-growing dynamics of your business. We will ensure you are harnessing cloud-based CRM and reporting systems that ease your workflow and support your business goals.

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Virtuoso have been a fantastic addition to our company; they are as good, if not better, than having in house IT support!
Chris Gault, Customer of Virtuoso