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GDPR & Virtuoso

By virtuoso


May 8, 2022

On 25th May 2018, the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (known as GDPR) takes effect. GDPR regulates the governance of personal data for European Union (EU) citizens with an emphasis on data security and privacy.

At Virtuoso, we take data privacy very seriously and are proud to announce that our systems and processes are GDPR compliant.

As a systems integrator and managed services provider, security and privacy have always been an essential part of Virtuoso’s services. We help our customers protect their most valuable information assets as part of our standard operations. And we hold ourselves to the very highest standards when it comes to protecting personal data we process about our customers, people, and partners.

Some of the ways we protect your privacy:

We minimise the personal information we collect, and only do so with your express permission

  • All our systems and data are hosted with highly certified, Tier 1 hosting providers
  • EU customers’ data is always hosted in the EU region, and in the UK whenever possible
  • Minimizing the number of data processors we use, and ensuring none of them have unnecessary access to your data
  • Ensuring suppliers who host our production systems go through a stringent vendor management process
  • As part of our ongoing ISO 27001 certification, we go above and beyond the basic security controls to protect your privacy and data:
  • We maintain all required ISO 27001-compliant controls and operating procedures
  • Each of our controls are tested annually as part of our ongoing compliance
  • We perform regular independent testing, including vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and internal data audits
  • All connections to our systems are encrypted and utilise multi-factor authentication

Virtuoso stores the minimal personal information needed to provide a great service, and we only process data as appropriate to the services provided. We will never release your personal details to any third party without your express consent.

Virtuoso does not sell, trade, or rent any personal information to other organisations.

Our approach to data privacy is further explained in our Privacy Notice on our website.

If you have any questions about your privacy or the security of your data, including needing information on providing access or erasing your data, please contact: [email protected]