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Empowering recruitment with modern technology and new ways of working

Check out our latest video discussing our customer success story, Tribe, and how Virtuoso's services have impacted their way of working. As a leading recruitment agency in New Zealand, Tribe already had a modern and advanced technology stack in place, supporting their ever-growing business. However, they wanted to leverage the tools they had to work more productively and securely.

Watch Tribe's CEO, James Brooke, and Head of Technology, Chelsi Clifton share their story.

Virtuoso is an award-winning managed IT services provider. We are a technology-driven business, strengthened by our culture and commitment to serving customers. Our dedicated team operates around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, delivering cutting-edge and tailored IT support services. Our relentless pursuit of innovation and customer satisfaction underscores our position as a trusted partner for businesses seeking sophisticated and reliable IT solutions.

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Partnering with Virtuoso, Tribe realised the full extent of the capabilities of their technology by implementing our game-changer solution package, OnTrack.

OnTrack is designed to overcome technology challenges that could derail your business from reaching its full potential. We have a proven proactive approach to enhancing our customers’ usage and adoption of technology, resulting in fewer reactive tickets, increased productivity, and, ultimately, technology that acts as a competitive differentiator for your business. Since working alongside us to better harness their Microsoft suite, they have managed to streamline hours of work and solidify their security stature.

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