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  • Collaboration

    Make it easier for you and your staff to access files, applications and systems while working from home. Working as a team on projects has never been so easy with Microsoft 365 and other cloud services allowing for the seamless sharing of project resources and ideas.

  • Communication

    Communication is the key to a happy and productive workforce. With applications like Microsoft Teams, your staff can discuss projects remotely via video calls and pop-up chat box options, allowing for faster and more efficient decision making.

  • Fast Delivery

    We pride ourselves on making it easy for our customers to transition from complex and outdated IT setups, to modern and integrated systems that support your business with growth and productivity. Our consultants are available to speak RIGHT NOW and give advice on your current objectives.

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Challenges The Modern Workplace Solves

Wave Goodbye To...

  • Poor Communication

    Companies with poor communication don’t deliver to the best of their abilities. When embracing modern workplace solutions, like Microsoft Teams, people across your organisation will remain informed, engaged and productive.

  • Solving IT Problems

    It’s not productive to spend hours resetting passwords, or fighting entry into outdated systems. When you modernise your workplace with us, we will handle any of the day-to-day technical challenges and your systems will be upgraded to secure and reliable platforms.

  • Frustrated Staff

    If you’re not supplying your staff with modern technology to support their jobs, then you won’t see results. By upgrading to cloud-based platforms, like Microsoft 365, your staff will have access to endless applications and products to support them in getting things done.

  • Troubles Accessing Files

    Lost or inaccessible files are not a burden your business should be facing. When embracing Microsoft Cloud platforms, like SharePoint, files will be updated even when offline and will be available from any device, in any location, at any time. 

  • Cramped Office Spaces

    If your business operates in a small space, creating some extra room by remote working would help. Modern workplace IT solutions provide endless opportunities for your business to operate remotely and therefore, expand freely. 

  • Lack of Insights

    The technology in your business should not only support operations, but growth too! By incorporating modern cloud technology into your company, you will have access to more insightful data that you can use to support business decisions. 

Virtuoso has brought our overseas offices closer together, by simplifying communication and collaboration using the cloud.
Lisa Woollard, Danos Associates