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Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations: What You Should Know

By Ria Manzanero


May 30, 2023

Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations were brought in as part of the evolution to the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, that was introduced in 2022.

Before the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program came into play, Microsoft Partners would demonstrate their capabilities via Gold/Silver accreditations, that were attained and held by businesses that passed the appropriate training requirements.

However, things have changed. The Microsoft Partner Program has brought in Designations to replace this system, which are trickier to acquire but better serve customers of Microsoft. These Designations have been designed to categorise a Microsoft Partner’s skillset, making it easier for businesses to identify the Partner’s strengths and abilities to deliver certain projects and technologies.

In this article, we will outline what the Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations are, how they are attained and how they help businesses, like yours, looking to partner with Microsoft-certified providers.

What are Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations?

The Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations have set a higher standard of requirements that organisations must meet in order to gain Microsoft accreditations.

There are currently six Solution Partner Designations, enabling businesses to identify more easily which Microsoft-certified businesses are most technically capable and experienced to support their objectives. The Designations are:

  1. Business Applications
  2. Data and AI (Azure)
  3. Digital and App Innovation (Azure)
  4. Infrastructure (Azure)
  5. Modern Work
  6. Security

Attaining these designations is more difficult than ever, as Microsoft is now measuring Partners’ capabilities using a points-based system with categories such as performance, skilling and customer success. This is designed to give businesses greater assurance that the Microsoft Solutions Partner they choose is trusted by Microsoft to deliver projects in line with industry standards.

But which Designations are important to your business?

Virtuoso Microsoft Solutions Partner

Which Designations should I look for in a Microsoft Solutions Partner?

The specific Designations your business should look for in a Microsoft Solutions Partner will vary, depending on your unique technology requirements. It’s best to ask what Designations an IT provider holds early in conversation to ensure that they are skilled in delivering and supporting the solutions you need.

At Virtuoso, we hold and maintain the following Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations:

Infrastructure (Azure)

As a Solutions Partner for Infrastructure, Virtuoso has extensive capabilities in helping customers to accelerate migration to Microsoft Azure, as well as benefit from the flexibility and security of the cloud.  

Some of our key strengths in this Designation are:

  • Designing, implementing, operating, and optimising infrastructure architecture, cost, and security
  • Migrating and modernizing infrastructure for virtual desktop environments
  • Onboarding and managing workloads in Azure
  • Management, governance, security and DevOps (on-premises and cloud)

Modern Work

As a Solutions Partner for Modern Work, Virtuoso has proven skills in hybrid solutions, like Microsoft 365, that boost workforce productivity and efficiency.

Some of our key strengths in this Designation are:

Viva Connections


As a Solutions Partner for Security, Virtuoso can proudly demonstrate an ability to safeguard our customers’ businesses with advanced and integrated security solutions.

Some of our key strengths in this Designation are:

  • Implementing, managing, and monitoring security and compliance solutions for both cloud and hybrid environments
  • Planning, deploying, and managing Microsoft 365 and security services to keep customers secure, compliant, and connected

Discover how we have supported customers around the world with Microsoft solutions here.

It’s a match!

The great thing about the Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations is that they are completely transparent. You can see, in black and white, what we’re truly capable of in regard to Microsoft products and services. If it’s a match for where your business is – or where you’d like to be – then why not get in touch?

Our team of highly qualified and friendly technical experts can help you get more from your investments in Microsoft. We will take the time to understand your business and how we could help you reach wider company objectives, using modern technology solutions.

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