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Microsoft Business Voice features that will transform your business

By Ria Manzanero


May 8, 2022

Microsoft Business Voice Features:

Communication is key when it comes to business, which is why having a secure and reliable phone system, like Microsoft 365 Business Voice, is vital.

In recent years, our reliance on technology has soared, particularly when considering the need to work more flexibly. In today’s world, it’s unrealistic to assume your workforce will be tied to their desks, Monday-Friday, 9-5. Workstyles have changed and people wish to have the freedom to work anywhere they feel comfortable.

But what does this mean for those in call-based job roles? How can they deliver telephone services to customers, without the use of a desk phone?

Introducing, Microsoft Business Voice. An enterprise-grade, cloud-based telephony solution that allows users to make and receive calls with the security of the Microsoft cloud.

Here’s the Microsoft Business Voice features that will transform your business…

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has been recognised as a world-leading collaboration tool in recent years, as it has enabled users to collaborate on projects securely and reliably, whilst working remotely.

One of the Microsoft Business Voice features that’s truly revolutionary is its seamless integration with Microsoft Teams. The solution has been built to add further flexibility to your business communications with a dial-in number, integrated into every online meeting.

Microsoft Business Voice Features - Microsoft Teams

This intelligent tool will unify your business’s calling, by enabling users to make calls directly from chats and meetings in Microsoft Teams. Even contacts and calendar events will be shared with Microsoft Business Voice, meaning all your activities from Teams and Outlook will be connected with your calls.

Remote calling abilities

Remote working has never been easier for those who rely on telecommunications! As Microsoft Business Voice is a cloud-based tool, seamlessly integrating with Teams, your workforce can make calls from any location or device.

Microsoft Business Voice Features - Remote Calling

Using a single phone number working across computer, mobile and desk phones, users in call-based roles can continue to work effortlessly, with the peace of mind that no call will be missed.

Say goodbye to hopping between desk phones and Teams calls, as your business and its customers will have a consistent and reliable phone call experience, accessible with one-click on Teams apps and devices.

Safety in the cloud

There’s nothing more frustrating than a bad line, or a call being disconnected during an important conversation with a client.

Microsoft Business Voice eliminates these burdens, keeping your business running smoothly. As an intelligent enterprise-grade phone system, you’re guaranteed built-in redundancy and load balancing with a 99.9% uptime.

Some of the amazing Microsoft Business Voice features, such as AI-powered voicemail transcription, inline chat translation, hold music options and real-time captioning in meetings, mean it’s never been easier to manage and record those vital communications.

Microsoft Business Voice Features - Microsoft Cloud

Our customers at Green Kite recently embraced this solution and quickly discovered the rapid increase in the reliability and quality of their calls:

“Since migrating to Microsoft Business Voice we have a happy team who know they can rely on the stability of the system we use for our telephony. The call quality is consistently high and all of this, in turn, makes the operational and customer service side of our business much more reliable and of high quality. It has essentially allowed our teams to focus on how they support clients and not worry about what might go wrong with the phones.” Chris Gault (Associate Director of Operations)

Simplified management & reporting

As businesses, like yours, thrive off data-driven intelligence, having insights from call activities is invaluable.

Microsoft Business Voice enables senior management to access insightful data from the admin portal. This is one of the most valuable Microsoft Business Voice features, as it will give your team more control over calling processes and schedules, as well as visibility on your teams’ performance and productivity.

Microsoft Business Voice Features - Power BI

Microsoft Business Voice also integrates seamlessly with Power BI, another Microsoft 365 tool that can bring your business’s strengths and weaknesses to light, in clear and easy-to-digest reporting styles.

If you’re subscribed to Microsoft 365 Business, you will also be able to easily manage your Microsoft Business Voice phone system from the familiar 365 admin console, allowing you to smoothly add new contact numbers.

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