Why do you need a free dark web scan?
  • What is the dark web & a free dark web scan?

    The dark web is only accessible by private authorised access, or by using specific configurations or software. Unfortunately, it’s abused for criminal activity. With criminals selling credentials to multiple buyers, organisations that experience a breach of credentials can easily be under digital assault from hundreds of attackers. With a free dark web scan, you can ensure you don’t fall victim to this.

  • What can an attacker do with my credentials?

    Send spam from compromised email accounts
    Deface web properties and host malicious content
    Install malware on compromised systems
    Compromise other accounts using the same credentials
    Sensitive data exfiltration (data breach)
    Identity theft

  • What information belonging to me could be up for sale?

    Security numbers
    Credit card numbers
    Employee or customer personal information

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The reality of exposed credentials

It takes just minutes for us to run a free dark web scan for you, but in the long-term it could save your business thousands.
Scott Priddy, Cyber Security Engineer at Virtuoso
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