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Veronica Ademilola: Fostering Talent & Growth at Virtuoso

By Ria Manzanero


September 7, 2023

In the bustling corridors of the corporate world, every individual brings a unique story of transformation. One such narrative that radiates inspiration is that of Veronica Ademilola, our Service & People Coordinator, and recent winner of our MVP (Most Virtuoso Person) quarterly award.

In this exclusive employee spotlight, Veronica takes us on a journey through her career at Virtuoso, her invaluable experiences, and her ambitions for the bright future that awaits her.

Discovering a Passion for IT

Veronica’s journey before stepping into the vibrant world of Virtuoso is characterised by her stint in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector. As an accomplished Account Manager for Proctor and Gamble, she honed her skills and showcased her knack for customer service.

Following her passion for customer service, she moved to an MSP in a customer services role. This was her first encounter with the exciting world of information technology and it’s where her passion for tech support began.

“I discovered my love for IT when I began working for an MSP. I loved working in a fast-paced environment, where I was always learning about new technologies. In my role there, I could see all the things they were doing right, but I could also see their faults. I quickly realised this was an exciting space to work in, if you were in the right MSP.

Veronica supporting customers

That’s what drove me to apply for a job at Virtuoso. I had a passion for customer service and wanted to work in a business where I had the space to grow and use my customer service skills. Customer service is such an important aspect of any business (even if the customer isn’t always right!) and I wanted to work in a business that truly valued that. Virtuoso ticked that box for me – I could tell right away that their customers were at the heart of everything they did.”

Crafting the Path to P&C Coordinator

Veronica’s voyage at Virtuoso commenced as a Service Coordinator, a role that she approached with enthusiasm. As the years unfurled, she found herself empowered to redefine her role, moulding it to her strengths.

“One of the things I am most grateful for whilst working at Virtuoso is the freedom they have given me to shape my own role. Whilst I joined as a Service Coordinator, I have owned various positions during my time here, discovering where my passions lie. The ability to progress internally has given me skills in IT, customer service and people management. It’s because of this I have found myself in a role today that I’m both good at and enjoy, a Service & People Coordinator.”

Veronica’s  journey reflects Virtuoso’s commitment to nurturing individual talents, allowing employees to flourish and evolve, whilst discovering their true potential.

Supportive of Career Aspirations

Within Virtuoso, Veronica found a supportive environment that allowed her to express her personality authentically while engaging with customers and colleagues. When asked what Veronica likes about working at Virtuoso, she replied:

“The family dynamics and teamwork are what I love about working here. They are what have kept me dedicated to both Virtuoso and my job.

I also have a really good relationship with a lot of our customers.  I try and treat everyone fairly. If I can go out of my way for them, I will. It is also great that my judgement is trusted by both Virtuoso employees and customers. It makes me feel like I’m really valued, which is something everyone wants in their job.”

Veronica’s authenticity, combined with her unwavering dedication to her job, has not only facilitated her personal growth but has also resonated profoundly with the Virtuoso team and customer base. Veronica’s genuine willingness to go above and beyond for others is not only a testament to her character but also an embodiment of Virtuoso’s culture.

Peering Beneath the Veil

When describing our culture, Veronica paints a picture of a upbeat atmosphere. She believes that the employees at Virtuoso are intrinsically motivated, a sentiment reflected in the calibre of their work and the resounding praise garnered from customers. This sentiment further reinforces Virtuoso’s vision for delivering excellent services to customers.

“Working at Virtuoso is great. As I’ve mentioned, we’re like a family. I guess this is one of the perks of working in a smaller team, everyone gets to know one another and builds strong relationships. Despite the fact that half of our team are in New Zealand and Australia, I feel as though I know them all. I believe employees at Virtuoso work here because they actually want to which shows in the work they produce.”

Veronica at Virtuoso offices

Veronica goes on to share how it’s not only the employees of Virtuoso that are happy with the company, but the customers too.

“I’m fortunate to oversee the CSAT (customer satisfaction) feedback given by our customers on the services they receive and it’s really positive. I, for one, feel motivated knowing that the work we’re doing is making our customers happy. After all, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?”

Aspirations for the Future

Veronica’s aspirations align with her journey’s trajectory. Recent conversations with Virtuoso’s CEO and Operations Director have set out her vision of transitioning into a managerial HR role at Virtuoso in the coming years. This ambition echoes her gift for nurturing relationships and fostering a culture of growth within the organisation.

“I see myself being at Virtuoso for years to come, hopefully in a HR position, as I love working with the people here. Knowing that I have the opportunity to grow and develop in this company is really comforting and encourages me to keep working hard. I’ll always be thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given at Virtuoso.”

To support this ambition, Virtuoso is now working with Veronica to help her achieve CIPD certifications that will enable her to qualify to become a HR Manager.

The beauty of these employee spotlight articles is that we get to share a little bit about the important people that make Virtuoso so brilliant. Within the vibrant and diverse Virtuoso family, Veronica Ademilola stands as a testament to the organisation’s commitment to fostering talent, supporting growth, and shaping a culture of excellence. We’re proud to have Veronica in our team and hope to gain even more talented people alike.

If you’re looking for a new role and think Virtuoso seems like a good fit, check out our Careers page. We’re always looking for new talent!