Our tech experts will assess your business against opportunities and risks to give you a better understanding of how your IT could be made more secure.

    • Hunt Threats

      To fight cyber crime in your business, you must identify what the threats are. Our next-generation cyber security services will hunts, detect and respond to security threats, to ensure your business can operate securely and undisrupted.

    • Secure Devices

      With so many of us working remotely, it’s vital that all devices are prepared to battle cyber threats. With our security services, you can rest assured that all your employees devices are protected, whether they are company or personal devices.

    • Intelligent Tools

      Researching cyber security products is time-consuming and tiring. Allow us to integrate the most sophisticated security tools, from email security and internet filtering, to dark web monitoring and endpoint detection. We’ll even train your staff on how to detect threats!

    • Expert Advice

      Managing cyber security threats is a full-time job, so why not let us manage it for you? Focus on running and growing your business, with ongoing support from your trusted managed service provider.


    Our cyber security services include

    • Device Protection

      Next generation antivirus software, that hunts, detects and responds to security threats. It’s faster than a standard antivirus software (which can require download and scanning time), as devices self-defend and heal themselves, always keeping endpoints safe.

    • Dark Web Monitoring

      We monitor the dark web to identify, analyse and proactively alert on any company compromised or stolen employee/customer data. If any employee information has been jeopardised, we will provide you with immediate support to address and resolve the issue.

    • Cloud Email Security

      We will protect your organisation from the most sophisticated email-attacks, including phishing, business email compromise, account takeovers, identity spoofing, and credential theft. Automatic alerts will detect and warn you when there are potential threats.

    • Content Filtering

      Protect your staff against malware, phishing and viruses. Block various types of content for all users, from adult and illegal, to streaming services, instant chat and social networking. Stop users from accessing content that is a security risk to your business.

    • Internet Security

      Allow us to identify malicious domains and undesirable content in real-time, eliminating major threat vectors. Algorithms analyse unknown domains constantly, so threat checks are always up to date. 

    • Security Awareness Training

      We provide your staff valuable training on how to respond to hacking threats, fake emails and security attacks, while ensuring employees thoroughly understand the correct procedures around handling sensitive data.


    We will protect you from

    • Phishing Emails

      Your business receives numerous emails a day, so how can you detect when one is fake? Phishing emails look dangerously like normal emails from recognised vendors, except they have the purpose of stealing personal information. We will ensure your business is prepared to detect these. 

    • Data Leakage 

      In a time of remote working, your business information is spread far and wide. If your staff are using personal devices, this information is susceptible to being leaked. If that leaked data ends up in the wrong hands, your business could suffer greatly. We can help to keep your business data safe at all times.

    • Ransomware

      A form of malware that holds your business to ransom. Cyber criminals take control of your files, photographs, and any other data that’s important to you. They encrypt it, and deny you access until you’ve paid a ransom of their choosing. We can ensure your devices outsmart such threats. 

    As technology develops rapidly, so does cyber-crime. It's vital that businesses are prepared for a cyber-attack at anytime. It could mean the difference between continued trading and bankruptcy.
    Scott, Cyber Security Engineer at Virtuoso