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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a unified platform that has replaced Skype for Business by taking a more collaborative approach, with advanced meeting and chat features, data storing, and a detailed but easy-to-use dashboard.

It’s a core Microsoft Office product, which means that it sits seamlessly inside the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, integrating effortlessly with many other Microsoft and third-party applications; making working remotely easier than ever!


Microsoft Teams Features

Seamless file sharing

Microsoft Teams consolidates all the document management and sharing capabilities of SharePoint, meaning it’s effortless to attach and share files in chats, meetings, teams or conversations. 

Secure video calling

Microsoft Teams has robust security policies in place that ensure you, your workforce and your stakeholders are free to discuss matters openly over video call, without threat or disruption. 

Third-party applications

Microsoft Teams integrates with various third-party applications that your business might use, including YouTube, Salesforce, Adobe and SurveyMonkey, meaning you can access everything you need in one place! 

Chat functions

Quickly begin chats with anyone inside or outside your organisation with Microsoft Teams. And say goodbye to long-winded email chains!

Effortless collaboration

Regardless of whether you’re in the same department or location, Teams breaks through all barriers, allowing your workforce to effortlessly collaborate on projects, by editing and sharing document updates in real-time.

Stay connected

Microsoft Teams is responsive on mobile devices, computers, laptops and tablets. You can switch between devices, even whilst live on a call. You can access files, on-the-go. You can stay connected at all times. 


Reasons to use Teams

Secure communication

Microsoft Teams provides a variety of privacy and security controls, allowing users to manage who participates in meetings and who has access to confidential meeting information.

Stay connected from anywhere

With the Teams app, you have instant access to all your apps and documents. You can easily respond to chat and conversations, join meetings with one click and continue to collaborate. So even on the move, you are kept completely in the loop.

App integration

Teams works effortlessly with other Microsoft services, such as Power Automate, Outlook, Power BI, OneNote and much more. But this intelligent platform has taken its abilities one step further with its seamless system integration with over 800 third-party apps!


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