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Our commitment to customers during COVID-19

By Markus McIver


May 25, 2023

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world we wanted to share the approach we are taking to minimise the impact of this rapidly evolving crisis.

Our staff and customers are at the core of our business and our top priority is to ensure their health and safety. For many customers, this means ensuring they have the tools they need to remain operational as staff are required to practice social distancing and in some cases self-isolate and work from home.

For so many of our customers, we’ve already been cloud-enabling their businesses by moving them to the Microsoft Modern Workplace. The great news is that this technology already enables so much of the remote working and collaboration capability that will be required as businesses are forced to operate with a remote workforce.

What we’ve done so far

As you would expect, our company is powered by the cloud; our tools and systems run securely in the cloud and enable our teams to seamlessly support you regardless of their geographic location. As of 16th March, and in line with our business continuity plan, we transitioned the majority of our staff to work from home until further notice. We did this in advance of government guidance as we wanted to enable our staff to practice social distancing if they choose to do so.

What does this mean?

For us, this is business as usual. Our customers will still have access to world-class IT support and be able to contact us in all the usual methods, no matter where they are working from. For consultancy engagements in the coming months there may be issues for our consultants to physically attend your site, but we’ll do our best to do so provided it is safe. Where appropriate, in-person engagements will be delivered via online video conference through Microsoft Teams.

Your business continuity is important to us

If you’re unsure about the ways in which COVID-19 could impact your business, please call your account manager for some advice. We can help you work out how staff can work remotely, how you can enable your customers to contact you, a briefing on the common scenarios we’re seeing across our customer bases and the tools being used to collaborate from various locations.

We are here to help

We are here to help. If you are looking at ways your business can be better equipped to respond to the COVID-19 crisis our technical teams are on hand to review current solutions, discuss options and provide recommendations. Get in touch by contacting your Account Manager directly or by emailing [email protected]

Update: Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

The UK government has set out a package of measures to support businesses through this period of disruption caused by COVID-19, including the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. HMRC will reimburse 80% of furloughed workers wage costs. If a Virtuoso customer furloughs staff, the number of staff furloughed will be removed from the customer’s monthly Virtuoso invoice. In order to properly plan for the time ahead, your account manager will be in touch this week to discuss your plans around the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.