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Evette Chauvineau joins Virtuoso Auckland, NZ

By Ria Manzanero


March 12, 2024

Say hello to Evette Chauvineau, the newest member of the Virtuoso team in Auckland, New Zealand!

Evette is our new Marketing Manager and comes with a ton of experience in creative design, branding, social media, communication, sales, and digital marketing. She’s worked in various industries like construction, fashion, cosmetics, education, and hospitality.

“Marketing is both an art and a science, which excites me about my field, and for over 18 years, this has continued to keep me captivated and committed to creative, results-oriented marketing,” shares Evette.

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Evette will be working from our office in Auckland in New Zealand. Her ability to handle both internal and external connections fits perfectly with Virtuoso’s global operations.

Markus McIver, Co-founder and CEO expressing his excitement about Evette’s addition to the team, remarks, “We are thrilled to have Evette join our growing team. She brings a rich array of skills and experiences to our ever-growing company.”

Evette is already diving into the Virtuoso team and likes how much the organisation cares about its staff. She’s excited about being on the frontlines of technology and witnessing its quick global changes. “Being part of this growth and innovation is any marketer’s dream come true.” mentions Evette.

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