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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Reference: VIR-50033
Updated: 30 October 2020


We align our activities with the expectations of our stakeholders in relation to our economic, social and environmental impact.
Virtuoso is committed to conducting our business activities with honesty and in full compliance with current laws and regulations.
As an innovative business, we continually seek better, safer, more cost effective and sustainable methods of working, while adhering to best practice.


Our employees are our most valuable resource and are a key factor in the delivery of services to our customers. We recognise that it is the calibre of the people that make up our teams that differentiates us from our competitors. As such, we work hard to recruit, develop and retain the best talent in the industry. As part of their personal development plan (PDP) each of our employees is given a clear route for progression, including technical and professional training. Further to this, it is crucial that all employees maintain a high level of safety and technical expertise, therefore regular training and advice is made available.
To ensure that we enhance our employees’ environmental awareness we provide continual training to enable consideration and understanding of environmental issues when planning, undertaking and implementing all projects.

We provide our managers with Equal Opportunities advice and support to ensure they understand their obligations allowing them to manage their team fairly and equally in all areas of employment. Ensuring all employees are aware of the company’s legal obligations, policies and internal procedures relating to the provision of Equal Opportunities.

Quarterly one to ones are conducted with all employees, allowing quality time with their manager to discuss their performance, establish new objectives and determine the employee’s individual training and development needs that are required to assist in achieving their goals.

At Virtuoso our employees are the bedrock of our business. We update them with business news on a regular basis, sending out a weekly company news update. Whether, at their desks, or based at a customer site, we ensure that all employees receive regular communications and updates on performance, significant business events, new contract wins, and progress on our strategy.


Virtuoso seeks to ensure that it deals responsibly, openly and fairly with existing and potential customers with a service hallmarked by integrity, quality and care by:

  • Ensuring that all our advertising and documentation about the business and its activities are clear, informative, legal, decent, honest and truthful
  • Being open and honest about our products and services and telling customers what they want to know, including what we do to be socially responsible
  • We will register and resolve customer complaints in accordance with our standards of service – ensuring that if something goes wrong, we will acknowledge the problem and deal with it
  • We will listen to our customers so that this can help us improve the products and services we offer to them
  • Ensuring that we benchmark and evaluate what we do in order to constantly improve our competitive edge in the marketplace.
  • Our contracts will clearly set out the agreed terms, conditions and the basis of our relationship and will operate in a way that safeguards against business practices.


We fully recognise that our day-to-day operations cause inevitable impact on the environment in several ways. We are committed to reduce this level of impact through office recycling schemes and assessing and improving our environmental performance.

This statement is supported by our Environmental Policy.

Health & Safety

Virtuoso will do everything that is reasonably practicable to protect the health, safety and welfare of both our employees and any other person affected by our activities.

The Leadership Team, led by the Chief Executive Officer, has overall responsibility for ensuring that we maintain high standards of health and safety. However, we rely on all our employees, sub-contractors and customers to play their part in effectively implementing our health and safety policy and sharing in our commitment to:

As such, we will:

  • undertake risk assessments, implement the identified control measures and ensure that safe systems of work are applied in relation to our activities
  • provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment including safe access arrangements and suitable welfare facilities
  • provide information, instruction, training and supervision to enable employees to perform their work safely
  • promote a positive health and safety culture within the organisation and show our commitment to prevention of injury and ill health and continual improvement in OH&S management and OH&S performance
  • ensure safety and the absence of risks to health in connection with the storage, handling, use and transport of articles and substances
  • ensure that all work equipment is suitable for purpose and properly maintained
  • take steps to assess the competence of any contractor we engage and to ensure that information is exchanged on matters relevant to health and safety
  • be prepared for emergencies such as fire and medical emergencies and investigate all incidents of injury or ill health

Virtuoso is committed to continual improvement in safety performance and ensuring that the delivery of the health and safety management system is adequately resourced to enable the full implementation of this policy. This commitment includes the provision of sufficient resources, management and employee time, as well as training and health and safety advisory support.

It is the responsibility of People & Culture to drive and monitor the implementation of the Health & Safety policy, the company’s overall health and safety performance and also to provide strategic guidance to all of the operational divisions and support functions, reporting to the Leadership Team accordingly.

This Policy Statement and the Responsibilities and Arrangements that support it will be reviewed at least annually, or more frequently where there have been significant changes to the company or the nature of the company’s activities.


Markus McIver
Chief Executive Officer